Marco Zoppi is a self-taught Bubble Artist. He never had a teacher and this led to a long process of trial and error. But this way Marco gained more practical knowledge than any book or video tutorial can offer on the subject of Bubbles. Now, after years of touring the world with his show, Marco is offering three not to be missed formulas of Bubble studies…

The BuBBles Lecture

Duration – 2 hours 30 minutes

It is the shortest way to the basic knowledge required when you start performing Bubbles. During the Lecture Marco explains different ways of making liquid that works, how to build props needed for a show, how to incorporate Magic into Bubble acts, how to make an act interesting and even teaches 3 complete acts of Bubble Art.
The Lecture is recomended for beginners as well as people who already have experience working with Bubbles. It is perfect for Magic Clubs, Contemporaty Theater schools and anybody who wants to start performing Bubbles or incorporate them in their Acts of other Art disciplines.

The BuBBles Workshop

Duration – 8 hours (with a break of 1 hour)

It is a full day activity perfect for people who want to start performing with Bubbles seriously. The Workshop is divided in two sections – theory and practice.
Theory part includes very detailed explanations of how to prepare liquid that works , how to build props for performing for beginners and how to build the advanced level stage props, how to incorporate Magic effects into Bubble acts and how to make nice interactive routines using everyday objects, how to make Bubble Act interesting, how to chose music, costume, backdrop and anything that you might need for an act. It also includes 4 different routines that are taught (2 beginner and 2 advanced).
The Practice part includes all the students getting a chance to use practically the new knowledge. Marco provides for props and his special soap so everybody can try to learn how to perform some basics of the routines that were explained earlier. The practice part is always supervised by Marco and his partner. It is a great opportunity for technical questions.

The Workshop is perfect for Agencies that provide for entertainment, performers of other Art Disciplines who want to try something new, people who already perform Bubbles and want to upgrade their Acts and gain new knowledge and skill.

Important - the Workshop is limited to 20 people. This way everyone can get needed attention while learning.

Individual Skype BuBBles Lessons

Duration - 1 hour per session

Discover the fantastic world of BuBBles with an exclusive individual BuBBles Lesson via Skype!
Send a request on, fix the date, the hour and meet Marco on Skype as your personal BuBBles Trainer!
The BuBBles Lessons are available in Italian and in English