“… What I just saw you perform is really amazing…”

Rudy Zerbi – CEO of Sony Italy

Marco Zoppi can offer different acts for TV Shows that can be recorded in advance or performed on Live TV. The duration of the acts can be from 2 minutes to 9 minutes; it’s also possible offer sets to perform 2 or 3 times during the same TV Show.
It all depends on the needs of the TV Show. Marco is always ready to provide fast paced acts or poetic routines and consult producers of the show so the best result is acheived.
The list of TV shows that already hosted some Marco’s Bubble Act include:

  • “Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde” (Paris, France)
  • “Festival International del Humor” (Bogotà, Colombia)
  • “Golden Magic of 21st Century” (Moscow, Russia)
  • “Belgium’s got Talent” (Brussel, Belgium)
  • “Italia’s got Talent” (Rome, Italy)

“… Just 3 words: elegant, magical and poetic…”

Domenico Dante – World FISM President

Availability: All over the world.The show can easily travel in airplanes. 
The show is based in Rome (Italy)
Important – TV Act can be performed just in indoor studios.